The 41 Inch Purple Samurai Sword With Cotton Sword Bag In Review

Those looking for a truly stunning samurai sword will find the 41 Inch Purple Samurai Sword With Cotton Sword Bag to be one of the cooler products on the market. Sure, there are a lot of manufacturers out there producing samurai swords but very few of those items have the unique look of this brilliantly devised sword. For those that wish to own an eye catching replica sword, this is most definitely one of the finest blades available on the market.What makes this such an impressive sword? There are many facets to it that have a great deal of benefit. It possesses multi-tone painted engravings on the blade which is definitely something that will draw people’s attention to it. Then, there is the black lacquered scabbard that also adds to the brilliance of its visual appeal.Mostly anyone that looks at this particular sword will find it to be one of the more appealing long blades ever developed which is why it is surely to be a favorite among collectors. Even those that may have felt that they have seen everything as far as the top swords on the market will be impressed by this product. It truly is a stunning item well worth examining.It should come as no surprise that the sword is visually stunning. It is made from forged stainless steel which makes is unbelievable looking. Of course, another added benefit to this type of sword is the fact that the stainless steel also makes it one of the more durable swords on the market. Stainless steel is built to last and that is certainly a plus for those that want to own their swords for a long time and possibly pass them on to the next generation. Yes, these are swords that can last several decades without losing their luster so consider the 41 Inch Purple Samurai Sword With Cotton Sword Bag to be a must purchase. The 41 inches of the sword can be broken down as follows: the actual blade of the sword is 28 inches long and when you take the handle into consideration, this is a sword that reaches a length of 39 inches. The scabbard adds another 2 inches to the length which is how the complete length of 41 inches can be arrived at. The scabbard and the handle as also wrapped with a turquoise cord which certainly adds to the many appealing facets of this particular weapon.Accessories include a painted and engraved tsuba which is a nice touch. And, as the name of the item reflects, there is a cotton carry bag included which helps preserve the sword when it is in transit. This allows the sword to maintain its luster for years to come.Yes, the 41 Inch Purple Samurai Sword With Cotton Sword Bag is truly an excellent sword to purchase which is why so many collectors will be thrilled to add it to their burgeoning collections.