Enhance Your Vision And Your Appearance With Silhouette Glasses In Brookline, Ma


Depending on your face shape, eyeglass frames can be used to enhance your appearance as well as to help you see better. The frame styles offered today include cat-eye, rectangle, square, wayfarer, and oval shaped frames.

Do You Have an Oblong Face?

If you have an oblong or oval face, then square eyewear is often complementary to your face shape. Not only do these stylish frames add some contrast to softer facial curves, they assist in shortening the look of longer facial profiles. Rimless and full-rim Silhouette glasses in Brookline, MA are represented by these styles.

Rectangular Frames

Besides the square styles in Silhouette glasses, wearers can also opt for rectangular frames. These types of frames often convey a sportier look while rectangular frames with rounded edges offer an understated appearance. These types of frames are especially suited to oval or round facial shapes.

Is Your Face Diamond-Shaped?

You might also consider oval frames in Silhouette glasses. Oval eyewear features rounded frames that are wider than they are tall. The frames are used to soften the look of angularity while the low profile of the eyewear defines the features of the face. If you have a diamond- or square-shaped face, then you will look especially good in these frames.

The Wayfarer Style

One of the retro-styled glass frames is the Wayfarer, which debuted in 1956. This type of frame is trapezoidal in shape and features a thicker rim. If you have an oval, round, or oblong face, then you are a good candidate for this type of eyeglass style.

Cat Eyes

Another major style of eyewear, the cat eye, is defined by rounded-type frames that notably flare out near the temples. Another popular retro frame, this eyeglass style was worn in the 1950s and 1960s. These playful-looking glasses are suggested for anyone whose face is diamond- or square-shaped.

Use the information to short-list your eyewear choices. If you want to schedule an appointment to upgrade your current eyewear, click here to find out more about the current choices in glasses and vision accessories.