What To Look For In A Good Boarding Kennel

Submitted by: Stewart Wrighter

If statistics are to be believed, most people in this country today own a pet or two and they are treated like part of the family for sure. Pampered pooches are probably the ones who get most of this royal treatment since they are so eager to please the owner. However, there does come a time when the owner has to be away from home for a time, or it may just be that the family is going on holiday, and the pet has to be taken to some facility to be taken care of for the duration. Most of these places are good, but for those who want to see what is available locally, they should search for dog boarding online and see what comes up.

Now the easiest way to judge if one of these places is suitable for the pet is to just go along and take a look. Although the first visit may be booked, it also may be a good idea to go along unannounced on the second visit to be sure that what you saw in the first place was actually true. Bona fide animal lovers, and those who want to please the client, will not mind as long as the routine for the animals is not interfered with.


Things to take note of in the visits are to look at the animals already there. Do they look happy and content and do they look like enthusiastic animals which are not locked up in cages all day? Most people abhor this kind of entrapment since the animal may not be used to it at home. Try to go at feeding times too to see what the animals are being fed. See if the animals are exhibiting enthusiasm at this stage too since most pets will wolf down anything that is put in front of it. However, there is a difference between being an exuberant eater and one who is starving. Owners of pets will certainly know the difference.

Look at the facility as a whole and determine whether the place looks and smells fresh and clean. There is nothing worse than wet animal smells and this should be taken into account. However, it is there waste matter which should be regularly cleaned away and the smell should not linger. Also, if they are in cages at the time of the visit, look to see if there is old waste hanging around in there. This will show some laxity in cleaning out the cages or show that the animal is in there for the greater part of the day. Either is unacceptable of course.

Ask about the routine in general and see if the animal is taken out several times per day for exercise. This bonding technique, with other animals, is often used to distract when the beloved owners are away. When they come back in, they should be groomed thoroughly to clean off debris. This should show in the condition of the coat. If this is so, this is probably a good place.

About the Author: Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed

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