Turn Back The Wrinkles Of Time With Skin Rejuvenation

By JoAnne Daris

Highly educated, intensely motivated and clothed only in the finest of threads, 52 year old Cliff Rackham thought he understood what it took to stay relevant in the ever-changing business world. For Rackham, the contemporary appearance is critically important to staying employed, as his cutting-edge, advertising firm prides itself on the creative and innovative labels of business. His Bibles of life are the hippest of the fashion rags and the trendiest of parties; he has yet to miss a major fashion drift.

But Rackham has recently started to notice that he wasn’t getting the right type of looks any longer. Sure, he still gets noticed, but he feels that it’s starting to be for the wrong reasons.

Creeping slowly across his brow over the past decade or two, the wrinkles have started to become more and more pronounced. Dark circles have sprouted below his eyes; a fact Rackham long ago stopped writing off as a lack of quality sleep. Even worse, Rackham continued his regiment of working out daily, yet his skin just seemed less firm.

The reality of the situation sunk in: Rackham was starting to take on the look of his age and his body was beginning to show the stresses of his life.

The real problem was rooted much deeper than a simple ego-wound; this was a matter of economics for Rackham. He had observed the revolving door of the executive suite long enough to know, if you don’t look the part of the trends, you are no benefit to the firm.


Moving swiftly to confront the issues at stride, Rackham made an appointment with a local plastic surgeon who had done wonders for many of the city’s most recognizable residents.

Their initial consultation went remarkably well, until the doctor dropped the bomb. This amount of work would require at least a week of downtime and his face would likely show bruising for weeks after. Regardless of how far society had come with its acceptance of plastic surgery, Rackham simply couldn’t fathom the thought of his co-workers, friends and family knowing he had gone under the knife. He had even chastised his wife a few years prior when she had wanted to get her eyes done. He knew the truth immediately, plastic surgery just wasn’t a viable option for him.

Rackham went back to his daily life, experimenting with over-the-counter treatments that were high on promises and low on results. Weeks of self-consciousness and pity turned into months before his wife decided to do something about the situation.

Sitting him down for the conversation, together they explored the available noninvasive options that he had never considered. After additional research, Rackham decided to go with the largest provider of laser hair removal and other noninvasive aesthetic services in the U.S. Specifically he identified the skin tightening and skin rejuvenation treatments as the best to help cure his problem.

What drew him most towards these specific treatments was fact that they would produce noticeable results without the worry of harmful side effects. Additionally, Rackham was going to be able to get the treatments done during his lunch period, without worry of his friends or coworkers knowing his plans. This was to be his silver bullet against the effects of aging.

The skin tightening treatment works by combining gentle pulses of infrared light simultaneously with bi-polar radio frequency to heat the connective tissue within the selected treatment area. This stimulates collagen production, which firms the loose skin as it diminishes fine wrinkles. He felt no side effects after the treatment, and was able to return to work that same day, as he felt his skin become tighter, smoother and more elastic.

To help diminish the dark lines below his eyes, Rackham tried the fotofacial treatment. This procedure works by combining microdermabrasion with the FotoFacial treatments. Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive procedure that speeds the process of skin renewal by removing the superficial dead layer of skin from the top layer. Basically, tiny crystals are sprayed across the face, and a small suction is used to pick up the crystals and dead skin. Collagen is stimulated below the skin to plump the skin, resulting in a more even texture and a reduction of fine lines and undesired pigmentation. The fotofacial treatment works by delivering a precise dosage of light energy to also stimulate the production of collagen, which softens the skin’s appearance.

After a series of treatments, Rackham was able to see the differences on a remarkable scale. His skin felt significantly smooth and firm, with the wrinkles and dark lines effectively removed. Best of all, he was able to mask his procedures by telling his friends and co-workers that he was just eating better and starting to take better care of himself. Other than his wife and the staff at the clinic, no one is wiser to the fact that he underwent these procedures.

The anti-aging treatments didn’t make Cliff Rackham anything more than he already was, but they allowed him to continue to present the image that he so desperately needed to in his competitive business environment. For once, thanks to his treatments, the revolving door to the executive suite stood still for time and Cliff.

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