How Can You Apply For Canadian Immigration?}

How can you apply for Canadian Immigration?


pradeep Kumar

Canada is a much sort after destination for many of the migrants from many countries. There are many ways of immigrating to Canada. Few have been discussed below.

1. Eligibility for application

This is the starting point for those who wish to migrate to Canada be it for study, work, visit, and travel through the country or lives permanently in Canada. You will have to answer few questions to see which Canada immigration program you fit in since each program has different application forms and different eligibility needs. The form requires 10 to 15 minutes to fill.

Questions will be regarding your nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, work experience, income and/or net worth and details on any job offer by Canadian firms.

Once you submit and based on the answer you have given, you will be informed regarding which Skilled Program in Canada best fits you. And once you are eligible, you will be given a detailed list of instruction what to do next.

2. Quebec-selected skilled workers


Quebec (a province in Canada) has its own rules for taking immigrants. This they have under a special agreement with Government of Canada. If you are a skilled worker you will have to apply to Quebec government (CSQ) and once you are so approved you can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

a) From eligibility criteria find if you are eligible through Quebec government.

b) Once Quebec government approves your application apply to IRCC for permanent residency.

c) Find out how long it will take to process your application (sometimes and in certain categories it may take quite long time).

d) Once you apply your application will be assessed by assessing officer, they take their processing time, you will be medically examined and police verification of your background will be done, and the decision on your application will be taken, and you will get a confirmation of your permanent residence.

e) Once you arrive you will be greeted by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), you should have valid passport and travel documents, a valid permanent resident visa, and proof that you have in your accounts sufficient funds so as to support yourself and your family.

3. Family Sponsorship

Your relatives once they become permanent residents of Canada can live, study and work in Canada provided you are 18+ of age, are Canadian Citizen, or you are registered under Canadian Indian Act or permanent resident of Canada.

You can sponsor your spouse, partner, dependent children, adopted children, parents, and grandparents, or have come to visit your children or grandchildren. You will have to fill the form, pay the request fees and will take usual processing time under Family Class Immigration to Canada

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

There are 4 provinces where one has to apply separately. They are New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador

Hire an immigrant It is a partnership between the government of Canada and Atlantic Provinces. Businesses can attract international graduates and skilled foreign workers to fill the job vacancies. But you need to be appointed employer in the provinces first. You have to get designated by the province. You will have to contact a settlement service provider organization in the selected province, you can be a designated employer too without having any candidate for job presently, and can make a job offer, and submit an application for endorsement to the province, and hire the candidate on a temporary work permit.

Programs under which one can be hired are Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program (AIPS), Atlantic High Skilled Program (AHSP), and Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

Under these programs, a candidate completes their permanent residence application and sends it to IRCC, who process the application within six months and can come to Canada with family.

There is a new method of migrating to Canada was started on 1 January 2015 through which individuals can apply for Canada Permanent Residence (PR) under certain economic immigration programs. This new one Express Entry, (or Express Immigration to Canada) which will be discussed in detail in coming article/blog.

There are other methods to enter Canada which is given on their official website in detail.

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