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How many times have you seen a celebrity on TV or met someone and noticed their great smile? Does it affect your opinion of them? It usually means a warm, friendly, kind person.

A great smile has an amazing effect on one\’s self confidence. If you are noticing other people\’s smiles, you may be worrying that other people are noticing your smile. Clean white straight teeth; really do make a difference to your confidence. The truth is, very few people think less of you if you don\’t have a movie star smile, but for many people, even though deep down they know this, they still wish they had a smile that other people noticed and commented on.


If you\’ve typed Dentist Auckland CBD into Google, and landed here at Downtown Dental, there is a good chance that you can relate to this. You might think the smile of your dreams is just that a dream.

Hi, my name is Dr Roger Tiang, and I am here to tell you that it needn\’t be a dream at all. Today, no matter who you are, you can make that dream smile a reality, even if you\’re afraid to go to the dentist. Our team at our Auckland Central practice are experts in helping people from all walks of life to transform their smiles into an awesome smile that they can be really proud of, and with no stress or pain.

Because you\’ve searched Dentist Auckland CBD, you may be after a dental check-up, you may be in serious pain and need help right now, or you may be hoping to achieve something with Cosmetic Dentistry, usually a better smile.

There are many different procedures available today to get straight, white teeth and a beautiful smile. In fact, some of my patients bring in photos of when they were younger, or cut outs from magazines of other people, to show me the kind of smile they\’d like. I sit down with every patient to look at these and help you look at different options, so that you can see what you can achieve. YOU WILL BE ASTOUNDED!

Most people aren\’t too interested in all the techy dentist lingo, so all I\’ll say is I have a variety of state-of-the-art techniques for teeth straightening and all other cosmetic dentistry whatever it takes to create your perfect smile. Plus, you can consider any General Dentistry options. That includes preventative (to help you avoid expensive stuff later on) and traditional dental care (check-up, clean and polish) to keep your smile stunning\’.

Searching Dentist Auckland CBD may mean you are looking at Cosmetic Dentistry treatments including: Small bonding, Teeth whitening, Porcelain veneers or crowns, Invisalign (orthodontics), Dental implants.

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