What Are The New Advances In Renewable Energy?

What are the New Advances in Renewable Energy?


Frank Warburton

Many people see renewable energy as the future of energy, but it still has a long way to go. There are solar panels, electric cars, and even hydrogen motors being used by people all over the world. However, this amount of energy used is nothing compared to the amount that is used by the way of non-renewable energy such as oil. Over the next few decades there is going to be more and more advances in renewable energy solutions and we will no longer have to use up all the oil left. These are some of the most impressive advances in renewable energy.

In a report from the Renewable Policy Energy Network for the 21st century it states that investments in renewable energy has risen 32% in 2011 and is only looking to gain speed. With this comes more incredible technology that improves on solar energy. One of the advancements is nano-templated molecules that store energy. This type of solar panel can store energy indefinitely and is much cheaper to produce. An incredible discovery by a team of researchers in MIT results in another advancement in solar energy. They have made it possible to print a solar cell onto paper. The paper that is created is highly durable and can be folded without losing any performance.


One of the most interesting advancements is the use of algae to produce energy. The seemingly useless green substance is actually comprised of around 50% oil and leaves behind no greenhouse gases. Since algae grow through photosynthesis it only takes from the environment the amount that it is going to put back in when it dies. Another interesting concept might change the way we look at our trash. This concept is bio-fuel. Bio-fuel is taking the trash we throw away and instead of putting it into landfills it is processed and turned into energy. This would kill two birds with one stone as it lowers the price of gasoline and also leaves much more land for humans to use.

A country that is really trying to advance their renewable energy sources is China. As they have the largest population in the entire world they also need to produce the most energy. If they can produce more renewable energy then it could make a huge difference on the environment. Recently they have assembled a think tank of people to discover new ways to do this. Clean energy already makes up around 27.5% of the energy used in China but they are looking for more. If other countries take on the same mind-set as China there could be major renewable energy solutions found in the near future. This could only mean a cleaner and more responsible world that we live in.

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