February 27th, 2018

This Single Article Wields A Powerful Marketing Influence Over Its Readers Giving Them A Magical Power

By Desmo Boss

MaximizeTraffic.net is a new up to date bulk email marketing membership website, the advantages of using the bulk email marketing facilities is in simple language is that being a webmaster and owning one or even more websites, the simple fact is to survive in the fiercely competitive internet market, whether the website sell or provides goods, services, information downloads, or more popular in the modern activities owning the many millions of active download software – including e-books, utilities, search engine optimisation websites, the only difference between the website earning money and becoming a financial burden on your hard earned cash is simply targeted traffic visiting the website on a regular basis – not forgetting the all important issue of returning targeted traffic, returning visitors. Remember the adage, no visitors, no sales, and no profits. A loss making website do not stop the bills from being taken from your bank account – monthly web hosting subscriptions, can and do, pile on the financial burden causing untold stress.

This article considers a detailed explanation concerning one very successful method of enticing targeted traffic – important to understand the meaning of targeted traffic in relation to any website, targeted visitors are visitors who are interested in purchasing your type of product – the visitors the website must receive to have any chance of earning money, maybe the targeted visitor is visiting your website to compare prices of the product, or looking for any free bonuses you have to offer, or even how professional the look and feel of the website – a professional looking website instils confidence that the website is honest and trustworthy, not likely to steal their money. Visit one of the large company’s websites – microsoft.com, as an example, and see for yourself the professional features which can inspire confidence to targeted visitors to purchase the downloadable products available.

It must be stressed at this timely point that its alright for your website to be attracted to targeted visitors – preferably like a magnet, but ultimately, unless the landing webpage on your website – usually means the webpage – usually one, that you spent hours embedding the relevant keywords into the informational text of the webpage, entices the targeted visitor to become a purchaser, then the website can receive millions of targeted visitors and still create a money draining venture, but an extremely important advice you must accept for a profitable website, is the landing webpage must have a compelling reason for the targeted visitor to purchase your product – can I go another day without me purchasing your product.

This popular question must be answered in the information in your Sales Copy – your argument must be so compelling so to entice the targeted visitor to purchase now or forever regret the decision not to purchase the product, the Sales Copy must be compelling – I suggest avoid purchasing, buying software to accomplish the task of creating a Sales Copy, the resultant artificially created Sale Copy is unlikely to fool the targeted visitor, who probably consider the artificially created Sales Copy as cheap and nasty, unfortunately, the search engines will not be fooled, and your website is likely to be banned by them, and you will not be aware of the ban – my opinion from 30+ years expertise in basic programming started on the Sinclair Computer, website creation, Search Engine Optimisation and Internet marketing.

In todays fiercely competitive race for targeted visitors to the billions of websites on the Internet being favourably positioned in the six major search engines – without doubt Google is the search engine to target with marketing strategies, is just not enough. As most of the visitors from major search engines are only internet browsers, who’s only intention is to browse the internet with no intention to purchase products, the purchasing opportunities from these constant visitors can be rated as miniscule, and not necessarily welcome visitors.

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Why? Every visitor to a website becomes a drain on your bandwidth resources, in particular, a burden, as it increases the servers bandwidth, which may ultimately result in the web hosting provider insisting on moving from current bandwidth package to a more expensive package, remember the internet browser has no intention to purchase your products, so you are being financially penalised with miniscule opportunity of earning from the visitors. So, what is the answer?

Easy, make your website attractive to visitors who are only interested in purchasing your products – attract targeted visitors, with research proving that a percentage of highly targeted visitors will, if giving the opportunity – compelling Sales Copy, will purchase your product – assuming you have targeted your visitors to your products by market research if necessary, and if the targeted visitors purchase has been enjoyable, the visitors will return in the future and encourage friends, family and colleagues to purchase from your website.

A live website must be set up to attract visitors to the website – avoid buying cheap templates as the Internet will contain millions of the exact same cheap template design websites sold by hundreds of thousands of sellers and without tremendous effort, the cheap template website will not even be indexed by the major search engines – search engines will not index when the exact same websites exist in their hundreds of thousands – don’t buy as they may be cheap but the website needs web hosting subscriptions – a financial burden you can do without, then with the high quality of the website making the website attractive to the targeted visitor, and a compelling Sales Copy, which will compel a high percentage of targeted visitors to purchase your product. The next and some may argue, most important step, will be to attract with laser accuracy visitors determined to purchase your product. With expertise accumulated over 30+ years of marketing products, creating websites and search engine optimisation, the only technique I consider extremely effective for attracting targeted visitors is by email communication – there are a massive increase in browsing visitors on the internet, which can devalue the influence and usefulness of the six major search engines attracting targeted traffic to the website.

Fortunately, the system I use on a regular basis for my websites has gained massive expertise at laser targeting with pin point precision your compelling sales message to the exact consumers which will be most likely to purchase your product and importantly, revisit time after time – repeat purchasers. Marketing research agrees that approximately one percentage of targeted visitors will purchase products from an individual website – remember there are billions of websites on the Internet, which makes attracting targeted visitors to your website a challenge, and that statement is an understatement.

So what is the solution? I regularly use the extremely low cost and attractively affordable services of a Bulk Email Marketing Club, which for a one off payment, in this case just $29.95, for a one time fee, will be a lifetime membership b- this website have been selling on the internet for the previous four years plus, and provides a high quality product and excellent customer service – although customer service is not an issue as the system is simple and straight forward, and a large database of satisfied returning customers. There is an opportunity to receive monthly newsletters containing the highest quality articles and tips relating to search engine optimisation (SEO) related to effective Marketing through Bulk Emailing Club, the information in the newsletter articles is unique to the Bulk Email Marketing Club – MaximizeTraffic dot net, your will find the articles any where else on the Internet – I know because I am a subscribed author – Desmo Boss, the articles I write for MaximizeTraffic dot net, is exclusive to the website and through is not released to any Internet article websites.

For the cost of $29,95, you will have 24/7 access to a total of 200+ million emails database, every email address is opt-in subscribers, so never be accused of spamming, in addition, the bulk email club database is regularly updated so all emails are fresh. The bulk email addresses is contained in relevant categories, so you only send out bulk emails to email addresses relevant to the products sold on you website – laser accuracy and pinpointed advertising and marketing, no saturating the Internet with unwanted and annoying emails – Spamming.

The lifetime membership to MaximizeTraffic dot net isn’t restricted in just providing 200+ million email addresses, there are other bonuses available, Bulk Email Extractors – most bulk email websites demand payment for this item, not MaximizeTraffic.net – free download, email management software, unique and up to dated marketing e-books – free downloads to paid up members, e-book mailing tutorials – makes customer support obsolete, thousands of items with full master resell rights – sell the full master resell rights software on eBay, or create a unique selling machine website from a cheap template that sells software downloads – free with membership, your will find over 6000+ software products – including website utilities to download free with membership – all for just an initial price of $29.99, the best marketing and promotion deal on the internet today. Visit and Buy!

As I already explained, the website being high in major search engines index ratings is not necessarily enough to draw in targeted visitors, as it can be expected that the majority of visitor leads from the six major search engines will undoubtedly be only interested in browsing the internet with no intention to buy products.

It is most important that your marketing and promotional efforts must be targeted at potential purchasers with an unique interest in purchasing your products, otherwise your money and efforts will be meaningless and at best increase the financial costs of owning a website or websites. Subscribe to a method which is known to be effective and have proved its effective capabilities over many years – to market and promote any website does come at a price and that price must be paid, although base all marketing and promotional decisions on what is the maximum benefits for the minimum cost and marketing and promotional methods which target a mass consumer market could offer the most financial benefit.

Do a little maths – not my favourite subject in my schooling days, current research confirms – search Google, that visitors to a website, even targeted visitors with intention to purchase your type of product, expect only 1% of targeted visitors to purchase from a (your) website – remember the Internet contains millions of websites which sells exactly the same products as your website – it must be a buyers market. Something for you to think about, send 200+million bulk emails from MaximizeTraffic dot net, every month if you so desire, included in your bulk marketing emails your Sales Copy message – compelling and enticing, with a click through to your own website or websites, if only 1% of the 200+ million recipients to the bulk marketing emails responds, then you will receive 2 million visitors.

Websites receiving two million visitors each and every months – one lifetime payment to MaximizeTraffic dot net, means you not only have access to 200+million fresh, spam free – opt-in, regularly updated bulk email addresses, but you don’t need to visit MaximizeTraffic.net every time you wish to send bulk emails, as the 200+ million email addresses are contained in numerous zip files, and with available bandwidth, visit the MaximizeTraffic dot net bulk email marketing membership website and download the zipped files on a regular basis. Then the bulk emails can be sent from your own computer with no reliance on MaximizeTraffic dot net.

In addition, to gain access to the bulk email marketing website MaximizeTraffic dot net, you are only required to pay one lifetime membership fee of $29.95, with a 90 day full money back guarantee – I have reliably informed no purchaser have requested their membership fees back to date, the main reason being MaximizeTraffic, dot net’s membership offer its members instant access 6000+ software, e-books and utilities etc, an absolute must have software which is a necessity to all webmasters whatever their experience and expertise. Buy Now! And sky rocket your targeted website visitors into the next millennium.

About the Author: I am a mature family orientated male living a traditional family lifestyle. I have worked in various employment positions and the current position is in a Youth Offending Team as Project Manager of an extremely busy City Youth Offending Team, thus providing needs based supportive packages – education, leisure, befriending and support, to extremely bored and mostly disenfranchised and socially excluded young people in our poverty segregated inner cities…




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