The Payday Advance And Juggling Funds

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When you fail to pay your payday advance, the lender will keep on pulling your bank account and you get heaps of NSF fees that add up to the entire cost of the loan. To avoid this, juggle your funds to straighten things out fast.

Coping with Your Funds

There’s no law against juggling your own finances. If the NSF fees scare you witless, organize your money to pay the payday advance first. If you can’t live on less cash, don’t take out that loan but if you can be creative with less cash until the next payday, you are a perfect candidate for a short term loan. So how do you live on less? Budgeting your expenses and deleting what you can live without are the things you should do. If you have a family, then everybody must tighten their belts until you are debt-free.

If you have a payday advance to pay next payday, start your budgeting right away, before you go online to get a loan. But where should you start because everything is already budgeted? Review your list. Go over the regular expenses. Groceries will have to get the axe first. Remove all unnecessary stuff – desserts and baking ingredients. Just retain the milk, veggies and the carbs; these are important to stay healthy and physically active.

If you have to live on sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner do so but make sure everybody had a good fill and if there are babies, don’t skimp on their milk and their cereals. Adults can live on less until the loan is paid. Living like this is not ideal but if you have to get a loan for an emergency there’s no other way to go.


If you use your car everyday, change your lifestyle and get on the bus or other public transport even if it means waking up hours earlier than usual to get to work and school on time. These cost-cutting strategies will reduce your expenses on the week you have taken out a loan and prepares you for the next two weeks after you have paid your payday advance.

Other Cash Juggling Tips

If you’re renting an apartment, talk to the landlord and ask for a reprieve if the due date falls on rent day. If he will take half of the rent and the other half later, with a promise you will do better next time, you can use that rent money to add to the fund for the payment of the cash advance. Stop your all subscriptions. There’s the TV and the internet to fill the news gap. Add that subscription money to your loan payment.

Cut coupons for your groceries to save $10 on your next visit to the grocer and buy cheaper brands of household cleansers, toothpastes, soap, shampoo, and don’t shop for personal stuff. Every cent must go towards your payday advance.

Start using less electricity at home during weekends. Get yourself to the park or the nearest library and soak up the cool air. You can have fun too in the library reading all the stuff and meeting new people. It’s amazing how you can be frugal when you live with a payday advance and want to make the loan work for you.

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