The Essentials On The Cosmopolitan Resort &Amp; Casino Opening}

The Essentials on the Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino Opening


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Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino Opens to Public The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino (affectionately called COSMO, our next door neighbor) effectively and formally opened their entrance doors on December 15th, 2010 at approximately 8:00 pm. Data groups were dispatched outdoors and Las Vegas Blvd. clamored with excitement. The Grand Opening Party was held on December 31st, 2010. Popular music was virtually performing from the roof tops filling the Blvd. residents with the New Years Eve mood. Cosmo has furnished our Las Vegas Blvd. access signs with some landscape gardening by the north door.

Do it yourself Auto parking is presently at your disposal for all Jockey Club owners and good friends. Level 3 B parking range located in Cosmos 5 story underground auto parking structure is the allocated space for all Jockey Club cars and trucks. Level 3 B is the single level of the parking structure that the Jockey Club elevators are constructed to connect with your “home away from home”. Just after Jockey Club owners park on the level 3B, you will savor taking one of the two Jockey Club centrally situated on the north wall of the development specified and named elevators to the 1st floor or 2nd floor. Then go on to either the main receiving area or pool deck (pool doors are key card accessibility) area of the Jockey Club. These elevators will also access the Cosmopolitans Casino area as they each open on the south to the north and vice versa.


As you may know the Cosmopolitan has expended approximately 8 million dollars into the Jockey Club to date. It commenced with changing the Fire Protection System components. While we were code certified with fire safety, upgrades were beneficial brought about by the nearby vicinity of the new Cosmo. All common space and interiors of each suite are already retrofitted with sprinklers, strobes and speakers for announcing possible emergency situations. Modern emergency generators as well as extra water tanks have been installed and all fire exiting has been rerouted to the north drive. The water softening system tanks have been moved from underground to two considerable above ground installations. Demolition of areas not made use of under our pool deck has been undertaken.

Both Ascot and Derby Tower entrances have been taken from the south side to the north side of both constructions including matching marble and brass portal doors. The Porte Cochere (key entrance overhang drive up) was built with stone drive up, stone faced pillars, stained cement sidewalks, and Valet presentation areas and bell storage space. Our waste chutes were fitted with 2 compactors facilitating 4 dumpsters worth of waste to be dispensed into one reservoir. The gas meters and electric boxes are being transferred to a more ideal location. The team member only behind-the-scenes movement space has been improved for much easier approach from building to building with linens and large cleaning devices.

The computer connectivity for the inner workings of the Jockey Club was shifted to the far west end of the Derby tower ground level. Cosmo has paid for the 24/7 Valet Parking assistance and the 2 years of overflow parking at the Planet Hollywood; however, Cosmo will cease paying for the Jockey Club Valet services upon the launching of the new resort. They have repaved the entire north drive with completely new blacktop. 75 daily pool passes have been granted for Jockey Club owners and guests to use on the main Bamboo pool and sun deck area of the Cosmo as well as the two Jockey Club tennis courts that have been relocated to the Cosmo roof top. Generally there are innovative new elements to ascertain in 2011.

Starpoint Resort Group Offers a look at the New Cosmopolitan! They will give you a good time of relaxation and fun.

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The Essentials on the Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino Opening}