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Study Abroad in Germany: Study Masters Germany, Overseas Education Consultant India Global Tree


Global TreeStudy Masters -Apply for Research in GermanyGermany has become one of the Study Abroad destinations among foreign students. The German Universities are offering many programs such as masters and research. Many courses that are offered by the German Universities are in German and English languages. Students who are looking to pursue Education in Germany could also get to learn German language. Many universities in this country are known for their research in various fields such as natural science, medicine and technology. Many universities of this country are in the list of leading universities across the globe in terms of excellence in education and research.Foreign students might require proficiency in the German language; there are many universities that offer many courses in the English language. There are seven universities that are on the list of leading 100 engineering institutes. And in the field of natural sciences, around 8 universities are on the list of leading 100 institutes.Some of the leading universities that offer Engineering for students to Study in Germany are as follows:RWTH Aachen UniversityTechnical University of MunichKIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyTechnischeUniversitt Berlin (TU Berlin)Universitt StuttgartSome of the leading universities that offer Natural Sciences for students to Study in Germany are as follows:RWTH Aachen UniversityTechnical University of MunichKIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyRWTH Aachen UniversityTechnischeUniversitt Berlin (TU Berlin)Ruprecht-Karls-Universitt HeidelbergEligibility Criteria to study at German University There are different eligibility criteria for students who seek to Study in Germany and enroll into Research or Master Program.For pursuing a master degree, a four-year bachelor degree is known as equal to bachelor degree in Germany. If you have got three-year bachelor degree, then you need to contact your concerned university. For pursuing Ph.D., Master Degree from a well-known Indian University is enough.If in case you are applying for a Study Abroad program that is taught in German language, your language skills in the German language will also be evaluated.How to Apply to a German University?Students are required to contact the university they have selected to Study in Germany. They need to procure application form directly from them. The process of application for research and master study abroad courses normally starts from October-November.Tips to apply for a German Student VisaOne of the key steps involved when you are planning to Study Abroad

is applying for a visa. For students who are planning to Study in Germany or who have been accepted at a German University, it is very significant to know what type of visa they will need and the steps involved in applying for a German Visa. As a student from India, you would require getting a German National Visa and could apply for the same through the German Embassy or consulate in India.

Before you start your visa application, you will require an admission offer from a university in Germany. Once you get an admission offer, you could start your visa application.Important steps to Apply for a German Student VisaAs part of your visa application, you would require proving that you have got enough funds to cover your tuition and cost of living in Germany. For this purpose you could open a bank account, you will also require transferring some Euros to your account.After you get your admission letter from the Germany University you have chosen to Study Abroad, you could prepare the essential documents needed for your visa application. The lists of documents are as follows:Valid PassportCopy of your passport’s information pageCover letter from student explaining the exact purpose and duration of stayProof of payment of feesProof of proficiency in the English languageProof of education qualificationProof of funds for covering the cost of your Education in GermanyTravel health insurance coverAfter you have got all the documents ready, you could download the visa application from the website of German Embassy and submit the form with all the essential documents. Ensure that your photos meet the requirement of bio metric photo. Prepare two sets of every application form and documents.After submitting your German Student Visa application, you could schedule an appointment for visa interview. Don’t forget to carry original documents on the day of your appointment for visa interview.Global Tree

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