Its Summer Camp Season How Will Your Kids Get There?}

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Submitted by: Alice Sutton

The school was about to end and summer holidays were now in the row and my blood pressure was going high with the thought that the kids will be at home for six long weeks. For kids, the summer break is an exciting time as no homework and lots of freedomfor working parents, its a bit of a nightmare as we need to find something to keep them occupied.

I have managed to sign off my kids for different week-long summer camps, and did all arrangements for their travelling. So I was all set, right? Wrong as my kids had already planned that they want to join acting classes and that also at Luxembourg. It is a two hours journey from our house in Belgium. The logistic challenge was just about to start. Every week theres a new and different schedule, and both kids were attending different acting camp in the same Acting school, so timings were different.

I was shocked with the thought of driving them to camp two times a day rather four times as it would be a two and fro journey. I wish each summer camp could tell me who in our neighborhood is also going, or ideally offer carpool transportation setup. During my research I came across covoiturage Belgique and covoiturage Luxembourg, where I could get many parents and travelers who travel from Belgium and Luxembourg on daily basis. Now I had to only register myself and look for people offering carpooling. Then I have to schedule all the days we need to get the kids there and back, and then book the ride. The challenge of time schedule change of camps was no more going to bother us.

My research showed that there are some sites, which particularly help all parents by providing a platform that will make setting up and managing carpools as easy as possible. With family accounts, its easy to add each child to the appropriate carpool with a tap of the screenand easily assign your babysitter or other family member to drive.

I booked all rides from Belgium to Luxembourg from covoiturage Belgique and same way Luxembourg to Belgium were booked from covoiturage Luxembourg.

Booking a ride is a very simple process just login select your destination and you will get the option of the ride and timing slots to select, just select and be ready for a call from your driver. The overall money you save from carpooling is difficult to believe and sometimes you might get the best deal if you are lucky enough to book the ride on right time.

I am very happy that I selected the right carpooling option rather than other available options. My kids are happy too as they have made new buddies and are comfortable to travel with them. My son also likes the idea of travelling in new cars every time.

According to me if used wisely carpooling can be your best mate in terms of time, comfort and money.

About the Author: Alice Sutton author, who often uses covoiturage de Belgique to Luxembourg for her personal work. She is not using carpooling only for these two cities but also use it for others too.More Info:


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