How To Convert Mkv/Avi/Wmv/Flv/Vob/Mts/Tivo To 3 D And Transfer Them To The Htc Evo 3 D

HTC EVO 3D is really an amazing android cellphone which features 3D video playback and record. And we would like to share you a good tool to play 2D or 3D videos on HTC EVO 3D. This 2D to 3D Video Converter enables u to convert any 2D Video formats or DVD movies to 3D without breaking the bank. This 3D Video Converter offers a range of 3D modes – Stereo, Anaglyph, Anaglyph Gray, and more – so you can choose the one that best suits you, your monitor, and your glasses. 3D Depth, Shift and Perspective are the parameters making the magic of adding 3D ‘volume’ to 2D videos. Experiment with different values to get the maximum depth perception. Thanks to the real-time preview feature, you’ll see the results immediately.

Wanna know how to convert videos to 3D format for playback on HTC EVO 3D? Add 2D video files or DVD movies onto this video software and choose output video format as following. Before conversion, you can set 3D mode, 3D Depth, Shift and Perspective. Then click “Convert” to start conversion.


Once the conversion is done, mount your EVO 3D on to your computer via USB

Once mounted, create a folder named Video in the root folder on the EVO 3D Copy converted file into the Video folder That’s it! The converted video can now be played on your EVO 3D using the Gallery app. It should look fantastic on the EVO 3D’s screen as long as the original source was of good quality.

A few things to keep in mind when converting video:

1. The EVO 3D does not like video file sizes over 2GB (the settings in Step II should help insure that the file size is kept under 2GB)

2. Your converted video will only be as good as the source video 3. If your source is over 960 x 540, you must be sure to set the width and height to a maximum of 960 x 540

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This 2D to 3D Video converter can convert any 2d movie files to 3d anaglyphAuthor: Tony Jonis