The Pros And Cons Of Blackberry Mobile Platform

The Pros and Cons of Blackberry Mobile Platform


Ashley Forrester

Choosing the right mobile platform is extremely important which in turn would help you in the primary use of the handheld. There are numerous operating systems (OS) of handhelds in the market, like Blackberry OS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Apple iOS. Each have their own specialties and have been developed keeping in mind certain sections of users. It has been observed that certain mobile applications also depend on the OS of a particular phone. If you are planning to use a specific app to shop from retailers online then it is always better to check whether it is compatible to be used with the OS of your handheld. Whether it is for mobile commerce or mobile ticketing, the same rule applies for all.

Here are the pros and cons of Blackberry OS that are widely used in its handhelds:


This brand has been the favorite for those who are executives and businessmen. The popularity of Blackberry is going up almost every year mainly because of its numerous features that help people to stay in touch with their work even when they are on the move. Blackberry devices are perfect for multi-tasking, like you can stream Pandora as you check your inbox for new emails. The choices of designs are wide in case of Blackberry phones together with a range of prices. In the US, Blackberry has a market share of approximately 40%, which is the largest amongst any other manufacturer. However, since nothing is perfect in this world, this brand also has certain advantages and disadvantages.



Compared to other brands, Blackberry mobiles allow users to use the device for two days at a stretch on a single charge. Thus proving its power efficient features of the Blackberry OS.

The mobile platform of this brand is extremely secure, thus making it the favorite for businessmen.

The push email experience is excellent amongst others. It provides easy accessibility from the moment you get to the main screen together with strong attachment support.

The keyboard design is ideal for fast text entry irrespective of whether you are sending text messages or emails.


Blackberry App World does not come with a wide selection of apps. On top of that, premium programs are quite expensive.

The browser is much slower compared to WebKit based browser on other branded phones like iPhones and Android. When it comes to QWERTY devices, the browser comes with small type.

Unlike iTunes and Amazon MP3, Blackberry does not have any over-the-air music store for its users to download songs from.

Although the market for Blackberry phones is increasing almost every year, the makers of the brand are trying to overcome their drawback and also improve upon their strengths. If you are a busy executive and planning to buy a new Blackberry for your use, then it is always better to go for it. This would help you understand the usefulness of the phones and it will also make life easier for you. Blackberry

mobile platform

has helped numerous businessmen in the past, so go for Cart2Mobile to experience the world of Blackberry.

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