October 31st, 2017

Leatherman Surge: Is It Better Than The Leatherman Wave?}

Leatherman Surge: Is It Better Than the Leatherman Wave?


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The Leatherman Surge is one of the Leatherman Groups leading products in the market today but did it surpass its all time popular product the Leatherman Wave Pocket Multi Tool? So what make the Leatherman Surge different form the Leatherman Wave? For one thing, the Surge features the companys biggest pliers. The product also boasts of its longest blades. This tool, just like any product form Leatherman, is built to last but this one looks really tougher than its predecessors. The Surge proves to be a more serious work horse because of its size. It features 18 standard Leatherman tools and its interchangeable sharp blades.

The Leatherman Surge, with its large knives and pliers has a really solid feel to it. This model also has a thread-looped awl that cannot be found in the Wave. If you are need of a tool with tougher knives and pliers for heavier tasks, the Surge is a perfect candidate. But since it is far heavier than the Leatherman Wave Multi Tool, it is impossible to carry it on your belt. This multi tool is better carried inside a bag.

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For everyday, easier tasks the Leatherman Wave is still preferred by many people especially those who just need a handy tool for the purpose of emergencies and not used for a profession. Women also prefer the Leatherman Wave because, well, it is cuter, of course and can easily fit in their purse with its light weight feature. It can easily be carried on the belt or used as a keychain. The Wave gained more popularity after it was enhanced and released in 2004. The main feature that catapulted the sales of the multi tool is its all-locking blades that can be opened with just one hand, not to mention sporting tougher knives, tools and pliers. The Leatherman Wave could have become the perfect pocket multi-tool if it only has the interchangeable blades feature of the Leatherman Surge.

The Leatherman Surge has a small flaw though, your skin can get pinched while opening and closing some of the tools. Opening and closing the tools also require a little extra effort and it could injure your fingers if you are not careful enough. Well, as stated, it is just a small flaw it wont even affect the image of the product.

We cannot say that the Leatherman Surge is better than the Leatherman Wave because it is built for a special purpose- for heavier tasks ahead. If you think you need a multi tool for lighter tasks, the Wave is a good choice. Whatever you choose, you are rest assured that you are buying a quality and durable product that only the Leatherman Group can deliver. Besides, you can never go wrong with Leatherman as all products are guaranteed tough that will always satisfy you after every type of tweaking required in your home or occupation. If you need to see other wonderful products of the Leatherman Group, the internet is a good place to start.

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Leatherman Surge: Is It Better Than the Leatherman Wave?

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